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Founded in 1961 by Joe Parrotta, Parrotta Paving serves the areas of West Virginia, Pennsylvania and parts of Maryland when it comes to residential or commercial paving. Over a quarter century later, his son Randy now has a fleet of licensed, bonded and insured pavers, rollers, excavators, graders, skirts tears and backhoes that make us the premier contractors in Morgantown and the surrounding areas. Along with providing expert advice there are also a wide range of services here that include concrete work, excavation construction, demolition, parking lots and construction surveying and layout.


One of our specialties is an innovative asphalt paving technique called 'scratch coating'. This involves placing a level coat prior to the overlay when we resurface a customers’ asphalt driveway. By running over an existing mat, and filling in the voids and dips, the new surface adheres better to the old one, which provides a longer life on your repave. Best of all, we handle all types of paving jobs. So whether your project is large or small you’ve got quality pavers who will provide excellent service if you call or email us today.


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Whether it’s a brand new project or resurfacing with our ‘scratch coating’ technique, you’ve got one of Morgantown’s best asphalt companies on the job. 


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Find out concrete prices for your next project – whether it’s an extended driveway or quaint patio deck. No project is too large or small for Parrotta Paving. 


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Your search for excavation companies in Morgantown ends today. Let Parrotta Paving quote your next excavator project by contacting us.